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While planning the second Change Makers – Fashion: The Road Ahead for Vogue Greece, we wondered what values define a true changemaker these days. We concluded that it is more than just leadership and talent. In a time when everything keeps changing, the people that are truly able to redefine the scene are the ones that pay attention to everything happening around us, act on emotion and in a realistic way at the same time, are open to challenges and are always ready to embrace something new. In this way, they find the strength to carve new paths, inspiring others. Based on the above, we tried to come up with a list of speakers for the conference. We read countless empowerment stories, we exchanged ideas with genuinely interesting people and it is with great joy that I can now share the names of the participants, all of whom have left their mark, hoping that they will also inspire you. So, this Change Makers event will feature:

The Creative Director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, who took this demanding position at the age of 25, bringing a wind of change in a historic house through strategic partnerships. His creations are always centered on the power of women, his campaigns focus on inclusivity, and as for himself, he never tried to hide his vulnerable side, a fact that makes him relatable to all.

Christian Louboutin, the only shoe designer, in my opinion, whose designs are totally recognizable even for non-fashion experts, with his empire comprising of more than 150 stores worldwide. His trademark red soles are proof that a simple idea is enough for someone to find their identity and be unique.

Jean Paul Gaultier, the leading couturier that always thought and acted outside of the box. Always a step ahead of his time, sharing a feminist aesthetic and a true love for women. He left an indelible imprint on the popular culture and he’s a wonderful human that really loves Greece and its people.

As for our last guest, I am fortunate enough to say that I have a personal relationship with her. It’s Sarah Rafferty, the actress we all loved in Suits, whom we are honored to welcome to Vogue Greece as Contributing Editor. In her off-camera life, she’s a woman fighting for women’s rights through her activist work. All the more reason to listen to her.

More figures from the fields of fashion, beauty and technology will accompany the abovementioned names and will share their stories with us. I am excited to invite you to Change Μakers – Fashion - The Road Ahead on November 8th, at the Athens Concert Hall.

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