Nina Stevenson

Nina leads the education work at Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), a world-leading research center at University of the Arts London (UAL). Nina is developing new frameworks for Climate, Social & Racial Justice for use across all courses at UAL to model how creative education foregrounds human and planetary health. Reaching beyond UAL, Nina has developed a portfolio of free online courses on fashion and sustainability attracting more than 90,000 learners, ensuring lifelong learning is both accessible and equitable. These courses underpin our collaborative program Fashion Values in collaboration with luxury fashion group Kering, IBM & Vogue Business with the aim to educate, inform, inspire, involve and connect on a global scale to develop sustainability literacy, stimulate innovation and generate new fashion products, services and systems. The delivery of these models informs the research work of CSF and enhances our understanding of the essential skills and capabilities for practitioners and creative thinkers of restorative and regenerative fashion systems.

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