Editor's note

Everything began back in June, during Paris Haute Couture Week. I met Anna for coffee and we started talking about sustainability, about the future of fashion and about how important diversity and inclusion are in all industries, but particularly in ours, which is so visible and so capable of sending powerful messages. We discussed those amazing Greek women who inspire us every day with their career paths and their passions. Most importantly, we discussed the role of Vogue, an iconic brand which is always the leader, as we go forward. I returned home to Athens convinced that if we want to see a change in our future, we have to be that change. We have to change this industry. We have to change the way we’re thinking. We have to change. I started speaking to inspiring women from all over the world and listening to their stories, their ideas of how we can reshape the fashion industry and build a more sustainable tomorrow. Slowly, this idea began to take the form of an event, an event that will make us rethink the way we see fashion. We’re so thrilled that the legendary Editor in Chief American Vogue, Artistic Director US, Global Content Advisor, Condé Nast, Anna Wintour, will be our Guest of Honor alongside powerful women with great stories to tell, ones that will alter how we see things. Welcome to “Change Makers,” Vogue Greece’s first-ever event focused on ethical fashion, inclusion and female empowerment.

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