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Fanny Moizant

Born and raised in France, Moizant started her career in fashion working for brands including John Galliano and Mexx. She came up with the idea to launch Vestiaire Collective in 2009, after noticing the huge amount of waste the fashion system was producing, as people were consuming more yet wearing less. Vestiaire Collective was founded as a company dedicated to providing an opportunity for people to extend the lifespan of their pre-loved items, embedding circularity at the heart of the fashion industry and consumer mindset by building a community for fashion activists around the world, creating a sustainable solution for selling pieces they no longer needed. Following the company’s success in securing its position as Europe’s leading resale site for desirable fashion, Moizant relocated from Paris to London and then to Hong Kong in 2017 to spearhead the company’s expansion into Asia Pacific.

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